Playstation lounge

Spread across an area of approx 500 sq.ft., Playstation lounges have state of the art interiors and an exhilarating ambience of gaming. It is a new concept in the nation where we provide our patrons the opportunity to experience a complete theatre-like 3D gaming setting in a plush and vibrant environment. Arcade games, Real- time 3D adventures, Racing Games, you name it.

The 3D gaming technology provided for our patrons is the Sony Xbox 3D system with a surround sound system, making it an attraction. As opposed to a normal gaming experience which people have access to in their homes, bluO provides its customers with a complete 3D gaming experience. The Gaming Centre brings a dash of fun and adventure to any location of BluO be it Bangalore, Pune, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Delhi, and Gurgaon.

A Playstation lounge, relaxed seating, projector screens and 3D glasses exposes one to the 'reality' of gaming in a closed surrounding.

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